The International Scholarly Education Journal (IJES) is a peer-reviewed open access international scientific journal that aims to provide an international platform for researchers, professionals, lecturers, and education practitioners on all topics related to education and community service, insights by scholars prominent, theoreticians, and practitioners around the world.

IJES aims to share, disseminate, and discuss research results, individual experiences and reviews on various issues of education and community service, as all areas of teaching development, teaching, projects and educational innovations, learning methodologies, new technologies in education, innovative pedagogy and insights inspirational in education, technology, and community service. IJES will issue three Monthly issues by Insan Scholar.

IJES accepts manuscripts that are written in good English, correct grammar, and before submission to the journal must be included in the article format provided on the right sidebar of the journal web pages.

Each paper published in IJES is given a DOI number, which appears under the author's affiliation in the published paper and is included in international indexers. Prefix Nomber : 10.46838